The Swiss Geotechnical Association (GS) was established in September 1955 as the “Swiss Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering”, as per article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. GS is a specialized association of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects SIA.

The goal of GS is to promote knowledge and findings in the field of geotechnics in Switzerland, encompassing soil and rock mechanics, engineering geology, foundation engineering, as well as the support of further applications in the construction industry.

GS currently consists of approximately 300 individual members and 90 collective members who work for various federal offices, public administrations, higher education institutions, engineering firms and construction companies. The executive committee comprises of seven to nine members who carry out various business tasks and represent the association in dealings with third parties. The annual general assembly takes place in spring.

Meetings and Activities

GS organises annual conferences in spring and autumn, which last one or two days and include presentations, discussions, excursions and demonstrations. Conference presentations are published in booklets and distributed to all association members and meeting participants. The presentations are available on the website two years after publication.

GS can designate committees for the creation of guidelines and handling of specific issues. Financial support may be provided in a broader sense for research work or the publication of said research.

The association maintains regular contact with foreign professional organizations and experts and represents national interests in the following international societies: “International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering” and “International Society for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering”, both of which GS is a member of. In Switzerland GS supports the organization of international congresses in the above-mentioned fields.

Regular communication with members takes place via our website or mailings. The GS “Agenda” also provides information about national and international technical meetings and events.