1. Design Challenge – the results

The Swiss Geotechnical Society joined the Geotechnical Design Challenge, an international survey intended to assess the consistency of calculation models and design methods for a variety of geotechnical structures and, where possible, to compare the results with full-scale tests and reliability analyses. The Swiss survey which was launched especially for students as well as for our young members, included a common geotechnical design problem, that of a retaining wall for an excavation pit. Discover the synthesis of responses received from the Swiss edition in the article below, and how this compares to the return of the international edition.

As part of the design challenge, an IPAD was raffled off among the participants at our meeting at the EPFL during the Swiss Geotech Abroad conference at the beginning of the summer. Mr Konrad Westermann (Gruner AG) was the lucky winner.

ISSMGE International Conference in May 2022 in Sydney

Drawing of lots during the Swiss Geotech Abroad at EPFL

Lucky IPAD winner: Konrad Westermann (Gruner AG)