Geotechnik Schweiz offers the following membership categories:

  • Individual Member: Graduates of universities, technical universities and technical specialists with an equivalent education who are active in the fields of geotechnical engineering, soil and rock mechanics, foundations engineering, underground constructions and engineering geology.
  • Junior Member: Persons fulfilling the requirements of the individual member who have not yet reached 30 years of age.
  • Collective Member: Laboratories, administrations, societies, university institutes, contractors, associations and federations. A collective member must be represented by a person who fulfills the requirements of the individual member.
Membership Fees

The annual membership fees are CHF 120.– for Individual Members, CHF 80.– for Junior Members and CHF 400.– for Collective Members.

With the following link you can ask for the individual membership:
Application for Individual Membership
With the following link you can ask for the collective membership:
Application for Collective Membership


With the following link you have access to the list of the individual members and the collective members:
individual members June 2020
collective members June 2020


The statutes of the association can be downloaded in German or French.
Statuten – german
Le profil – French